Power of Many: Resolutions, November 29 | The Ontario Federation of Labour

Power of Many: Resolutions, November 29

The following resolutions were carried on November 29, 2019 by the Ontario Federation of Labour:

133. To make (PPE) Equipment That Meets The Health and Safety Needs of All Women in the Workplace.
79. Restore Funding for Legal Aid Services and Access to Justice for Low-Income Ontarians
38. Benefit Program for Precarious Workers, Contract Workers, Employees and Small Businesses and Workers Without Benefit Plans
70. Workers First
110. Using Inclusive Language
23. Resolution on Bill 115
116. Building Public Support for Action on the Climate Emergency
108. LGBTQ Seniors
31. Card Check Certification
41. Uber – Pressure Government at all Levels to Legislate For-Hire Drivers as Employees
57. Defend and Improve Publicly Funded Education
27. Unionization and Bargainins Rights for Commissionaires

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