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November 20, 2020

Activists in the New Democratic Party follow in the footsteps of many distinguished political trailblazers. In 1990, the Ontario NDP Women’s Committee established an annual award to honour the significant contributions that women and gender diverse people in the party have made towards the advancement of gender equity and social justice.


The recipient will have worked for the advancement of women’s issues and social justice causes within and/or outside of the Party. They may be active within the Ontario NDP, or their community, in a way that reflects a commitment to Party policy and principles. The recipient of this award should be someone whose work has displayed dedication to equity and inclusion, within the Party, and the province of Ontario. Examples of this can include: furthering gender justice, ending racism, working towards decolonization, eradicating white supremacy, advancing LGBTQ+ rights and challenging ableism. The Women’s Committee is especially eager to acknowledge Ontario NDP members whose contributions have not been publicly recognized by the Party to date.

To learn more about the eligibility criteria and to download a nomination form, click here.

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