OFL Stands in Solidarity with Tropicana Workers on Strike | The Ontario Federation of Labour

OFL Stands in Solidarity with Tropicana Workers on Strike

The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) joins in solidarity with striking SEIU Local 2 members at Tropicana Community Services in demanding fair wages, dignity and respect in the workplace.

“Workers deserve a fair living wage and decent working conditions. Tropicana management needs to get back to the bargaining table and negotiate a fair collective agreement with their workers,” said Patty Coates, President of the Ontario Federation of Labour.

“It’s the front-line workers at Tropicana who make the work of the organization possible. They are the heart and soul of Tropicana’s programming,” said Coates.

“It’s disheartening to hear from these workers, most of which are people of colour, about Tropicana management’s unfair treatment and refusal to bargain decent working conditions,” said Ahmad Gaied, Secretary-Treasurer of the Ontario Federation of Labour. “Management’s insistence on additional and continued wage freezes – after so many years of wage freezes already – is simply unjustifiable.”

Now that these members of SEIU Local 2 have been pushed to strike, Tropicana has hired strike-breakers and security guards. Tropicana is a publicly-funded organization financed by all three levels of government. Public funds absolutely should not be used to undermine workers’ right to a fair collective agreement. Further, these anti-worker actions are disruptive to the delivery of Tropicana’s services and reflect badly on the organization’s supporters, donors, allies, and partners.

“Tropicana needs to prioritize the long-term sustainability of its organization. That means providing decent wages and fair working conditions. We call on Tropicana management to return to the table, bargain in good faith and grant Tropicana workers the fair wage increase they rightfully deserve,” said Janice Folk-Dawson, Executive Vice-President of the Ontario Federation of Labour.

The OFL is mobilizing solidarity support for these striking workers and will ramp up their support and pressure on this employer in the coming days.