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September 14, 2020

The Ontario Federation of Labour has endorsed the open letter for full and permanent immigration status for all. In signing, the OFL has joined Migrant Rights Network and over 280 organizations – which include over 8 million people! – from across all sectors and parts of the country to call for full and permanent immigration status for all. 

We are in a crucial moment: September 14th and 15th is the Liberal Party of Canada’s Cabinet retreat where they will be finalizing their plan for COVID-19 recovery to be put forward in the Throne Speech on September 23rd. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs the support of at least the federal NDP to avert an election. We are in a moment when raising our voices can make a meaningful difference. It is imperative that you communicate to your members, followers and federal decision makers that migrants are not alone, and that the call for full and permanent immigration status for all is pragmatic, possible and necessary.

You can sign on to the letter calling for a single-tier immigration system, where everyone in Canada has the same rights. All non-permanent residents including migrants, refugees, students, workers and undocumented people in the country must be regularized and given full immigration status now without exception. All migrants arriving in the future must do so with full and permanent immigration status.

Find out more and join the call for full immigration status for all.

Read the letter, and add your name!

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