Donate to the OFL Jack Layton Memorial Statue: Memorial Progam Available for Download | The Ontario Federation of Labour

Donate to the OFL Jack Layton Memorial Statue: Memorial Progam Available for Download

The OFL and Olivia Chow invite you to take a ride with Jack!

Donate today to help erect a bronze statue of NDP Leader Jack Layton riding a tandem bicycle with space on the front seat for visitors to pose for photos. The statue will be erected in a Waterfront Park in Toronto – the city that Jack loved and served.

This monument is being funded by the private donations of individuals and organizations.

Download the Beautiful Program from the OFL’s Labour Tribute to Jack Layton

On Saturday, November 24, the OFL held a fundraising dinner, called: Labour’s Tribute to Jack Layton.
Joined by Olivia Chow and Mike and Sarah Layton, the evening attracted 700 people to pay tribute to the progressive values that Jack held so dear. Download a copy of the beautiful gala program here.

Make Your Own Donation to the OFL’s Jack Layton Memorial Statue

Your generous support is still needed to make this monument a reality. Please make a donation by credit card or PayPal by submitting the form below or else send a cheque for the OFL Jack Layton Memorial Fund to c/o Ontario Federation of Labour: 15 Gervais Drive, 2nd floor, Toronto, ON  M3C 1Y8

Click here to download the flyer to help solicit donations in your community, workplace or union.

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Minimum donation amount is $10.

Thank you to all who have already made a donation to this touching memorial. The list of donors below will be updated once a week.

This list of Platinum sponsors have donated $10,000 or more and will be recognized by name on a plaque at the site of the monument:

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Generous donations from the following people and organizations will make this memorial possible: