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Keep our schools safe

Vote in Municipal Elections on October 24

On October 24, municipal elections are taking place across Ontario. Communities have the opportunity to elect new Mayors, Councillors, and School Board Trustees. It is critical to pay attention to these races and elect progressive champions. It is especially important as far-right political networks are coordinating to elect school board trustees who will make our schools more dangerous for racialized and 2SLGBTQ+ youth.

School boards make decisions on school spending and policies, and school board trustees can advocate for spending and policy priorities. Candidates, like those in the Ottawa School Board Trustee election who are focused on dismantling trans-inclusive education, will make schools less safe.

Similarly, while communities have worked hard to reduce or eliminate policing in schools by removing School Liaison Officers (SLOs), far-right activists are campaigning to bring these programs back. Policing in school disproportionately impacts Indigenous, Black, and other racialized students. It does not make our schools safe.

Help stop this coordinated effort to make our schools less inclusive. On October 24, make sure to vote for progressive champions committed to the rights of 2SLGBTQ+, racialized, and Indigenous students.

Learn more at and check out the list below to find progressive champions in your community: