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Email Your MPP and Ontario’s Political Party Leaders

The Ontario government has been shut down while workers’ rights are under threat and public service cuts are hurting every community.

The 2012 Ontario Budget cuts will cost many their jobs and many more their livelihoods while banks and corporations are being allowed to reap record profits at the public expense.

This fall, McGuinty’s Liberals were backed by Tim Hudak’s Progressive Conservatives in passing Bill 115 – an unprecedented law stripping educational workers of their most basic democratic rights. This will threatens the rights of every worker in Ontario.

Add your voice to the growing number of Ontarians who are calling on the Ontario Government to restore equality by investing in services that support Ontario families, fairly taxing profitable corporations and protecting the democratic rights of everyone.

Send a message to your Member of Provincial Parliament and the leaders of each of Ontario’s political parties.

The following message will be sent with your signature and personal message included:

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