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Cuts and changes to education will disadvantage Ontario students, says Ontario Federation of Labour

(TORONTO, ON) – The government’s proposed education funding cuts and changes to class sizes and curriculum will compromise learning for students across the province, while violating collective agreements, says OFL. “Increasing class sizes at any grade level means fewer educators to provide individual learning, compromising the quality of education for Ontario’s next generation,” said Ontario…


Union leaders representing more than 200,000 nurses, health professionals and care workers demand public consultation on Ford government’s omnibus health care bill

(TORONTO, ON) – Union leaders held a press conference today at the Ontario Legislature calling on the Ford government to hold public consultations across Ontario on its sweeping health care restructuring law. Bill 74 is the Ford government’s omnibus health care legislation in which the government has given itself and its appointees in its new…


Ontario Federation of Labour demands action on closing the gender pay gap, not consultation with big business

(TORONTO, ON) – Action, not consultation is what will close the gender pay gap, says the Ontario Federation of Labour. “The gender pay gap has been widely studied. The OFL has already submitted comprehensive recommendations to ensure pay equity for all Ontario workers,” said Ontario Federation of Labour President Chris Buckley. “Instead of consulting with…


PC Government’s health care overhaul will jeopardize patient care, says OFL

(TORONTO, ON) – The Ontario Federation of Labor (OFL) is sounding the alarm after Ontario’s PC government introduced sweeping health care reform legislation, which they call the “People’s Health Care Act, 2019.” “What is perfectly clear is that large for-profit health care corporations, not the people of Ontario will benefit from the changes this new…


Ontario Health Coalition and Ontario Federation of Labour Call Leaked Draft Health Care Legislation a “Gargantuan Nightmare Scenario”; Join Forces for Major Fightback

(TORONTO, ON) – Calling it a “bombshell”: the Ontario Health Coalition and the Ontario Federation of Labour responded to a leaked document revealing a draft health care legislation written by the Ford government in secret that would create a “super agency” with extraordinary powers to restructure Ontario’s entire health care system. The Ontario NDP opened…


Labour movement will ‘fight like hell’ to preserve public health care for Ontarians, says OFL

(TORONTO, ON) – The Ontario Federation of Labour demands that the Premier throw out the draft legislation leaked today and scrap all plans for the privatization of health care in Ontario. The leaked draft includes the government’s plan for creating a super-agency with extraordinary powers over the delivery of health care across Ontario. “By destroying…


Ford’s Reckless Post-Secondary Education Scheme Will Ensure Only the Rich Can Afford an Education, says OFL

(TORONTO, ON) – The Ontario Federation of Labour condemns the Ford government for rendering post-secondary education less accessible to low-income students and opposes the direct assault on student democracy. “The OFL stands in solidarity with students across the province. This is an affront to democracy and access to post-secondary education. Education is a right, not…


Ford government proposed changes to regulations put Ontarians in danger, says OFL

(TORONTO, ON) –  Many of the regulatory changes proposed today in Bill 66 compromise the health and safety of Ontarians, says the Ontario Federation of Labour. “From reclassifying employers so they can avoid hiring well-trained unionized workers for public infrastructure projects to increasing the number of children allowed in home-based daycare facilities Doug Ford is…


OFL condemns federal government use of back-to-work legislation in CUPW strike

(TORONTO, ON) By passing back-to-work legislation to end the strike by CUPW workers seeking fairer and safer working conditions, the federal government has undermined the constitutional rights of all Canadians. “The right to strike is enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. All Canadians should be concerned by the ease with which the government…


Doug Ford fails Ontario workers with the passage of Bill 47, say leaders in the Fight for $15 and Fairness movement, Ontario Federation of Labour, and Workers’ Action Centre

(TORONTO, ON) – With the unconscionable passing of Bill 47, which takes away basic workplace rights from Ontarians, this government has shown again that it is governing for the few, making decisions without sufficient consultation and research that will drive millions of working Ontarians into poverty, say labour and community advocates. “The Ford government is…


Actions by education workers at PC Convention will send message to Doug Ford: Keep decent work laws and $15 minimum wage

(TORONTO, ON) – An action will be held at the PC convention in protest of the Progressive Conservative Party’s continuing actions to reduce workers’ rights in Ontario. Since taking office, Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservative Party have made cuts to social assistance, cancelled important health curriculum, and are planning to take away basic workplace…


Fall economic statement shows that help isn’t on the way for Ontarians, says OFL

(TORONTO, ON) – From start to finish, the Fall Economic Statement is a disappointment for Ontarians and their families, says the Ontario Federation of Labour. “After this economic statement, Ontarians are facing even harder times: poor funding for public services, a cancelled minimum wage increase, a tax cut that is unusable for many vulnerable workers,…


Advocates call Ford government’s 5-hour labour law consultation “a sham”; Communities host “Peoples’ Hearings” on Bill 47  

(TORONTO) – Community and labour groups will hold “Peoples’ Hearings” on November 15 across Ontario, in protest of Ford government’s decision to limit Thursday’s Bill 47 hearing by the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs to a mere five hours. “The people of Ontario, the same people Premier Ford had promised to govern for,…


Labour activists and community members to attend committee hearings on Bill 47 in defense of workers’ rights, says Ontario Federation of Labour

(TORONTO, ON) – Labour activists will fill the committee rooms at Queen’s Park tomorrow, as the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs hears deputations on Bill 47, a bill which will strip Ontario workers of basic workplace rights. Ontario Federation of Labour President Chris Buckley will present to the committee at 9:00 a.m. on…


Synagogue murders: we must work to end hate

(TORONTO, ON) – The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) condemns the mass murder of eleven worshippers at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and sends deepest condolences to the many families who lost loved ones in this anti-Semitic attack, and to those who were injured and their families. “This shooting is one more terrifying…


Emergency actions to be held across Ontario, in protest of Doug Ford’s attack on decent work laws

(TORONTO, ON) – In response to Ford Government’s Bill 47, which was tabled yesterday and seeks to freeze the minimum wage and repeal the most basic protections for workers, emergency actions will be held by community and labour groups across Ontario starting today, announced leaders in the $15 and Fairness movement including the Ontario Federation…


Doug Ford betrays Ontarians by siding with big business over working people, say leaders in Fight for $15 and Fairness movement including Ontario Federation of Labour and Workers’ Action Center

(TORONTO, ON) – Today’s announcement by the government of Ontario repealing the majority of Bill 148 steals basic rights from Ontario workers. Ford’s plan cuts wages, makes it easier to fire workers in precarious work, eliminates paid sick days, makes it more difficult to join and keep a union, and cancels fairer scheduling laws. This…


Media Advisory: To defend decent work laws and the $15 minimum wage, Ontario workers are holding the largest coordinated day of action in a decade

TORONTO, Oct. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Over 50 actions are expected on Monday, October 15, when communities across Ontario mobilize in defense of new workers’ rights brought in by Bill 148: Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, including the $15 minimum wage that is scheduled for January 1. What stands to be the largest coordinated…


United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) should offer more protections for workers, says OFL

The Ontario Federation of Labour welcomes the elements of the USMCA which provide improvements for Canadian workers, notably in the auto sector, but fears for workers in industries left without much-needed economic protection by the agreement. “There are significant gaps in this agreement that will hurt workers in a number of sectors including steel and…


Community and labour groups urge Premier Ford to stand up to corporate lobby groups by protecting $15 minimum wage

(TORONTO, ON) – Representatives from the $15 and Fairness movement, including Ontario’s Fight for $15 & Fairness, the Ontario Federation of Labour, a doctor, and an Imam from a Mosque in Etobicoke held a press conference at Queen’s Park today to call on the government to protect the $15 minimum wage and fair scheduling rules…