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Feb 22, 2020

Feb 22, 2020

Scotiabank Convention Centre, Stanley Avenue, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada


February 22, 2020 join the People vs. Conservative Cuts Rally in Niagara Falls.

The Conservative’s reckless policies and massive cuts to our valued public services are hurting the people of Ontario.

February 22, the Conservatives are holding their policy convention in Niagara Falls and the people of this province are going to be there, demanding they build an Ontario for all, not just the wealthy and big corporations.

We will be there in front of the Scotiabank Convention Centre, making our presence felt and sending the message that this government is hurting communities across our province with cuts to public services like education and health care.

Let’s shine a light on the PC attacks on Ontarians by making sure that delegates to the convention can’t miss the messages from the People of Ontario, protesting Conservative cuts.

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