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June 29, 2018

With the swearing-in of Ontario’s 42nd government and Premier Doug Ford’s appointment of his cabinet, the need for the advocacy provided by the Labour movement, on behalf of workers in our province, is clearer than ever.

The OFL represents 54 unions and one million workers and champions the rights of all working people in Ontario, whether they belong to a union or not. The Federation advocates for laws and policies that ensure that everyone in Ontario has full access to their rights in the workplace – including protection of their constitutional right to join and keep a union, as well as to bargain collectively.

We will continue this advocacy in the coming years and are eager to begin discussions with the government on how to best safeguard the rights of workers in the province of Ontario.

OFL President Chris Buckley has requested a meeting with Premier Ford in order to discuss the urgent issues facing workers in this province. In addition, the OFL is reaching out to newly appointed ministers to request meetings and to ensure they are aware of workers’ priorities and how they intersect with their file.

The OFL calls on this government to ensure the improvements to Ontario’s labour and employment laws, which were intended to create fairer working conditions and decent wages for the people of Ontario – including the $15 minimum wage – will be left intact.

The OFL is also concerned about the proposed amalgamation of many ministries and government departments. Ontario’s public sector must be well funded to deliver the services Ontarians need. We call on the government to fulfill the promise that no jobs would be lost during this transition and that the important mandates of all ministries continue to be fulfilled.

The OFL further calls on the Ontario government to end the public sector hiring freeze it implemented and to commit to strengthening our public services.

At this time, it is critical that we work together to create conditions that allow for a caring, inclusive and prosperous society for all Ontarians.

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