Statement: Day of Mourning 2023 | The Ontario Federation of Labour

Statement: Day of Mourning 2023

April 28th marks the day that we mourn for those who are injured, killed, or made sick in the workplace, and for the families, friends, and communities they leave behind.

Right now, in Ontario, an average of one worker per week is killed on the job. We’re stopping the clock on this year’s Day of Mourning to say: ‘enough is enough’. No more workers’ lives lost or altered forever at the mercy of an irresponsible employer, or thoughtless Ministry. 

Workers have a fundamental right to a safe and healthy workplace, and their three fundamental rights: the right to refuse unsafe work, the right to know about hazards in the workplace, and the right to participate in addressing those hazards. 

This year, we have produced armbands to honour the fact that workers fought to win those three fundamental rights, but also to commemorate those who had those rights unlawfully undermined by our system. It is the cautious balance of the Day of Mourning slogan: to mourn for the dead, and fight for the living. 

In solidarity and solemnity,

Patty Coates

Ahmad Gaied

Janice Folk-Dawson
Executive Vice-President