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May 8, 2019

This list was last updated on May 22, 2019.
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PC actions to date (highlights):

    May 2019

    April 2019

    • Slashed the Ontario Music Fund by more than half
    • Triggered Hands, The Family Help Network in North Bay, which provides autism services for northern Ontario families, to lay off 10 full-time employees
    • Eliminated the 50 Million Tree Program
    • Considering ending OHIP coverage for travel outside Canada
    • Cut $1 billion over 10 years from Toronto Public Health, putting breakfast programs, daycare inspections, and emergency responses to disease outbreaks at risk
    • Slashed funding for public libraries by 50%
    • Allow community housing providers to deny tenants who have previously been evicted for criminal activity
    • Considering merging ambulance services across Ontario, shrinking the number of regional ambulance providers from 59 to 10
    • Dropped their first budget, cutting spending in nearly every ministry and gifting corporations with $3.8 billion in tax relief
    • Froze Special Services at Home funding for children with disabilities; current waitlist of 5,700 families will not be able to access funds
    • Triggered the loss of 52 jobs with the closure of the Child Advocate and French Language Services Commissioner offices
    • Considering freezing wages for public sector workers
    • Considering removing seniority-based hiring for teachers (Regulation 274) and violating collective agreements
    • Considering implementing mandatory annual math testing for all teachers in Ontario, including retroactively
    • Triggered school boards across Ontario to issue more teacher surplus notices than usual this year
    • Considering cutting $500 million from OHIP services, including tests and procedures ranging from diabetes and pain management to colonoscopies

    March 2019

    • Recommended that Ontario school boards implement a hiring freeze
    • Accused of interfering with the OPP (i.e., appointing a close friend and firing a veteran officer)
    • Produced the shutdown of Harmony Movement, which provides diversity, equity, and inclusion education
    • Produced the lay-off of nearly 10 staff at KidsAbility, an organization that provides various forms of therapy for children with autism
    • Announced a 10% cut to the Human Rights Legal Support Centre, which provides free legal services to people who have experienced human rights violations at work and in their communities
    • Announced changes to the education system (e.g., increasing class size averages in Grades 4 through 12 to reduce the number of teachers; pushing back gender identity and expression teaching to Grade 8)
    • Appointed Ken Hughes to lead a review of alcohol sales in Ontario to give “consumer more choice and convenience”, who will earn $1000 per day
    • Considering lifting the ban that prevents major pharmacies from selling private-label generic drugs
    • Considering allowing Infrastructure Ontario to further open the door to public-private partnerships with foreign investors
    • Failed to act with the loss of 1500 direct jobs at the Windsor Assembly Plant
    • Moved ESA-related inspections online from in-person audits conducted by Employment Standards Officers
    • Closed 3 overdose prevention sites and 3 others remain under review

    February 2019

    • Introduced the People’s Health Care Act, which privatizes health care services and dismantles government agencies such as LHINs, Cancer Care Ontario, and the Trillium Gift of Life Network and folds patient care into a “super agency”
    • Introduced voucher-based approach to children’s autism services (i.e., taking money away from regional agencies)
    • Considering making it easier for landlords to evict tenants by slashing the waiting periods for eviction notices and allowing private bailiffs to remove renters
    • Inked a deal with the City of Toronto that outlines the framework for uploading the subway to Queen’s Park
    • Considering slashing the number of regional school boards, particularly in smaller communities
    • Introduced the Comprehensive Ontario Police Services Act, drastically altering how police officers are governed and treated
    • Turned a $3,600 part-time EQAO position into a $140,000-a-year patronage job for a defeated PC candidate
    • Forced clinics to discontinue wait lists for funded IVF due to lack of confirmed government funding
    • Forced Service Ontario to delay providing birth, marriage, and death certificates, likely due to lack of resources
    • Produced the lay-off of more than 40 staff at the office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth
    • Announced a one-time $1 million budget increase for rape crisis centres for the next fiscal year (promised almost $4 million this fiscal year, and almost $4 million the next)
    • Produced the lay-off of 25 full-time and 15 part-time registered nursing positions at Grand River Hospital

    January 2019

    • Cut $15 million from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, which helps fund initiatives like the Coalition for Better Child Care
    • Announced removing post-secondary grants for low-income students and reversing recent OSAP changes; reduced post-secondary operating funding through unfunded tuition reductions
    • Announced the Student Choice Initiative, which will allow post-secondary students to opt out of union fees outside of “essential campus health and safety initiatives”
    • Appointed their principal secretary as a full-time member of the Ontario Energy Board, who will earn $197,000
    • Compelled Hydro One to pay Avista Corp USD$103 million after a failed merger plan (cited Ford’s efforts to force Hydro One CEO to retire as a sign politics)
    • Failed to fill vacant adjudicator positions at the Human Rights Tribunal, undermining cases and discouraging vulnerable people from seeking relief and justice.
    • Considering removing the cap on class sizes for kindergarten and grades 1 to 3
    • “Committed” to full-day kindergarten for this Fall, leaving it uncertain thereafter
    • Announced intent to re-examine how and where beer is sold throughout Ontario
    • Transitioning health and safety training from in-person to online, affecting 50,000 workplaces

    December 2018

    • Legislated OPG workers back-to-work
    • Cut $25 million from school board funding, which funds tutors in classrooms and extra services for Indigenous and racialized students
    • Revoked current and future funding for the College of Midwives of Ontario
    • Slashed $5 million in base funding to the Ontario Arts Council and more than $2 million to the Indigenous Culture Fund
    • Appointed a new Ford-friendly Pay Equity Commissioner
    • Introduced Bill 66, Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act (e.g., loosened home-based child care regulations; reclassified employers to avoid hiring well-trained unionized workers for public infrastructure projects; removed important health & safety regulations to maintain clean drinking water; repealed Employment Standards Act provisions to protect vulnerable workers)
    • Remained unmoved on eliminating street checks, despite the recommendations of the Independent Street Checks Review

    November 2018

    • Failed to act with the closure of the GM plant and the loss of 5000 direct jobs
    • Required all provincial agencies, as of 2019, to obtain approval of 1) their bargaining mandates and 2) ratification of collective agreements, potentially expanding this oversight to other areas of the broader public sector
    • Passed Bill 57, Restoring Trust, Transparency, and Accountability Act (e.g., delayed the Pay Transparency Act; removed independent officers of the House; cancelled a small increase in taxes for high-income earners; rolled back rent control for existing units)
    • Passed a transphobic policy resolution at the PC convention, calling on the government to remove gender identity references from the sexual education curriculum
    • Re-announced the creation 6,000 new long-term care beds – more than 80 per cent of which were established under the previous government
    • Introduced regressive social assistance reforms (e.g., limiting access for persons with disabilities)
    • Lowered the bar to hire Ford-friendly OPP Commissioner, Ron Taverner

    October 2018

    • Allotted the sale of recreational cannabis to private retailers in lieu of the LCBO, forfeiting 10,000 public sector decent jobs
    • Scrapped a scheduled three-cent-per-litre increase in the provincial beer tax
    • Revoked a regulation that would have standardized training for volunteer firefighters across the province
    • Paused the allocation of “parent reaching out grants,” which help fund school councils and student events
    • Disbanded the expert panel to end violence against women
    • Cut $307.3 million from post-secondary education, rescinding funding for three university satellite campuses
    • Scrapped worker protections in Bill 148 (e.g., minimum wage; equal pay for equal work; access to workplace information)
    • Froze proactive workplace inspections
    • Withheld $14.8 million in promised funding from existing and new sexual assault centres

    September 2018

    • Intended to invoke the notwithstanding clause and overrode the Human Rights Code to slash the number of Toronto City Council seats
    • Slashed the size of the Toronto City Council by nearly 50 per cent during the municipal election period
    • Dismantled the subcommittees under the Anti-Racism Directorate purported to combat Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, anti-Indigenous, and anti-Black racism
    • Declared a $15 billion deficit in a guise to cut and privatize public services

    August 2018

    • Halted opening of new safe injection, overdose prevention sites
    • Introduced a ‘snitch line’ on education workers, targeting those using the updated health curriculum
    • Dropped the minimum price of a bottle or can of beer by 25 cents (i.e., ‘buck-a-beer’)
    • Ended the practice of releasing Ministers’ mandate letters
    • Commenced a value for money audit on all government programs and services
    • Announced the requirement of post-secondary institutions to introduce a free speech policy by 2019

    July 2018

    • Legislated members of CUPE 3903 at York university back to work
    • Launched a line-by-line audit of the Liberals’ spending across the broader public sector (i.e., the big kick off to Ford’s promise to find $6 billion in “efficiencies”)
    • Reverted to the 1998 sex-ed curriculum until further consultation (i.e., failing to address important topics, such as same-sex relationships, social media, gender identity and expression, as well as consent)
    • Halted creating mandatory curriculum for students in elementary and secondary school – on residential schools, Treaties, and Indigenous peoples’ contributions to Canada (i.e., #62 of the Truth and Reconciliation call to actions)
    • Withdrew cooperation to help fund the resettlement of asylum seekers
    • Forced out the Hydro One CEO and Board, paying the “$6-million-dollar man” at least $9 million upon retirement
    • Cut a planned 3 per cent increase to social assistance in half and scrapped the basic income pilot program
    • Cut the Liberals’ promised $2.1 billion over four years for new mental health funding with $1.9 billion over 10 years (i.e., $190 million per year instead of $525 million)

    June 2018

    • Cancelled all of the programs that were funded by the $2.9 billion in revenues amassed through the cap-and-trade program – including school and social housing repairs as well as rebates for green energy retrofits
    • Exited the cap-and-trade program and cancelled 758 green energy contracts
    • Restricted access to free prescription drugs for Ontarians 24 and under, who currently do not have access to such benefits (i.e., a step backwards from universal pharma care)
    • Eliminated key equity ministries, such as the Ministries Responsible for the Anti-Racism Directorate, for the Poverty Reduction Strategy, for Early Years and Child Care, for the Status of Women as well as the Ministries of Citizenship and Immigration, and of Research, Innovation, and Science
    • Instituted a hiring freeze across the broader public sector with the exception of “essential frontline workers”
    • Instituted a pay freeze across the broader public sector for executives, management, and employees not covered by collective bargaining

    COPE 343


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