OFL Statement: Sex Workers’ Rights Day | The Ontario Federation of Labour

OFL Statement: Sex Workers’ Rights Day

Dignity and Decriminalization: Advocating for Sex Workers’ Rights:

On this Sex Workers’ Rights Day, the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) joins in solidarity with sex workers, advocating for their rights, safety, and dignity. We recognize the diversity and intersectionality of sex work with human rights, labour rights, public health and gender equality and the importance of supporting sex workers in their struggle for equality, workplace safety, and improved working conditions.

The OFL calls upon governments, policymakers, funders, and stakeholders to prioritize:

  1. Full Decriminalization of Sex Work: The OFL supports and promotes the full decriminalization of sex work. We believe that criminalizing sex work perpetuates violence, discrimination, and human rights violations. By advocating for decriminalization, we aim to create an inclusive environment that respects the rights and autonomy of sex workers, clients, and third parties.
  1. Repeal of Harmful Laws: We call for the repeal of laws introduced through Bill C-36, which reproduced the same criminalizations that were previously addressed by the Supreme Court. These laws hinder sex workers’ ability to work safely and access essential services. Repealing them is crucial for protecting sex workers’ rights and well-being.
  1. Support for Unionization: The OFL recognizes the importance of sex workers organizing into unions. We stand by sex workers in their efforts to improve their working conditions, advocate for fair treatment, achieve labour rights and any other benefit provided to all other workers. Unionization is a fundamental right that should be extended to all workers, including sex workers.

Sex work is work, and sex workers deserve the same rights, respect, and protections as any other worker. The OFL remains committed to advancing the cause of sex workers and creating a more just, equitable and inclusive society for all.

We must fight for a world where sex workers are free from stigma, violence, and discrimination, and where their labour is valued and protected. #SexWorkIsWork