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January 18, 2017

To read the OFL Pre-Budget Submission, click here.

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The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) – which represents 54 affiliates and one million workers across
the province – is pleased to make a submission to the Government of Ontario on the development of the 2017 budget.

In an effort to build Ontario up, this document provides several recommendations that are expected to help shape the government’s upcoming fiscal and legislative agendas.

The budget presents an important opportunity for the government to articulate its vision for the province over the next few years. It is our hope that this budget reflects values of decency, equity, and fairness for all workers in Ontario.


January 18, 2017
The Honourable Charles Sousa
Minister of Finance
c/o Budget Secretariat
Frost Building North, 3rd Floor
95 Grosvenor Street
Toronto, ON M7A 1Z1

Dear Minister Sousa,

The 2017 budget is an important opportunity for the government to speak to Ontarians, to listen to their concerns, and to create an Ontario that reflects their realities and their hopes.

The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) has great hopes for the future of employment in this province. The 2017 budget should build workers up. It should ensure that all workers will be protected by a higher standard of employment and labour laws. It should ensure that women and men as well as racialized and non-racialized workers will be treated equitably in the labour market. It should ensure that all young people will be able to access a universal, tuition-free post-secondary education system. It should ensure that all Ontarians will enjoy a decent standard of living.

As a champion of unionized and non-unionized workers in this province, the OFL calls on the government to create an economy that is decent, fair, and equitable – where no one is left behind. This bold vision is needed to maintain economic momentum and to secure a future of shared prosperity.

It’s time to build Ontarians up.


Chris Buckley, President
Patty Coates, Secretary-Treasurer
Ahmad Gaied, Executive Vice-President

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