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OFL calls on Premier Wynne to fight for an expanded Canada Pension Plan

April 14, 2016

OFL calls on Premier Wynne to fight for an expanded Canada Pension Plan

(TORONTO, ON) ─ Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) President Chris Buckley called today’s release of the final design details of the Ontario Registered Pension Plan (ORPP) a step toward retirement security for Ontario workers, but he urged Premier Kathleen Wynne to integrate worker representation into every aspect of her pension planning and ramp up her lobbying for an expanded Canada Pension Plan (CPP).

“Under the Harper regime, the door was firmly shut on enhanced retirement security for Canadians. The Ontario government’s plan for the ORPP kicked that door wide open for a nation-wide discussion on how to expand the CPP for everyone,” said Buckley. “The focus now should be building a broad consensus among the provinces for an enhanced CPP. Seniors need it, the public wants it and it’s the best possible delivery mechanism for retirement security.”

The OFL has applauded the Ontario government for identifying the vulnerability of the near 70 percent of Ontarians who don’t currently have a workplace pension, however, it has consistently argued that a mandatory plan that is portable and universal is the best way to ensure every Canadian can retire with dignity, regardless of their type of employment or where they currently reside. As more and more details of the ORPP are announced, it is imperative that working people have input in how the province’s pension plans are developed, governed and administered.

“We need to be using every bit of Ontario’s influence on the Canadian stage to leverage an expansion of the CPP,” said Buckley. “The Wynne government should be taking the lead – not just within our own provincial borders but across the country – to push for improved public pensions for every Canadian.”

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