Our Future, Our Fight Vision Document - 2021 | The Ontario Federation of Labour

Our Future, Our Fight Vision Document – 2021

November 22, 2021
Policy Documents

This is the vision that inspires Our future, our fight—a bold, progressive, and ambitious campaign to win the Ontario we need. In the pages that follow, we develop that vision in more detail, to remind ourselves of what we’re fighting for and what’s at stake for future generations.

In the Action Plan, we propose a province-wide mobilization strategy with the explicit goal of defeating Doug Ford’s anti-worker government and electing a workers-first government led by the New Democratic Party.

Built on a series of escalating local and regional actions that encourage the involvement of rank-and-file workers, the plan aims to unite union members and community members across multiple struggles for economic, social, racial, and climate justice—and in the process, to build momentum for our movement to continue well past the election, no matter who wins.

With a provincial election rapidly approaching, we don’t have a moment to lose.

The fight for our future starts now.