2023 OFL Pre-Budget Submission | The Ontario Federation of Labour

2023 OFL Pre-Budget Submission

February 13, 2023
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For far too long, working people have paid the price for crises they did not create.

Wages have been frozen or cut, while the cost of living has gone through the roof. Our public services are crumbling; health care is on the brink of collapse – and at a time when it is needed most. Ontarians can barely afford to pay rent or live in the towns and cities where they grew up. Some are being forced to choose between paying for food, medication, or keeping the lights on. Ontarians can barely make ends meet, while corporations and the banks are making record profits.

More and more people in Ontario are saying “enough is enough”. The Ford government can no longer turn away from the realities that the people of this province are experiencing.

The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) believes that the 2023 Ontario budget provides an important opportunity to change course. It is time that the Ford government address the concerns of working-class people in this province.