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Legacies of Labour and Community Activism

Organize. Educate. Liberate.

The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) Black and Racialized Workers Committee and the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU) are celebrating African liberation and Black History Month by launching our sixth annual Legacies of Labour and Community Activism poster series.

The Legacies series honours the historical achievements of African and Black Canadians and features the ongoing contributions of activists in the Black community.

Progressive Black activists, like Carol Wall, are recognized for being a true leader in union activism, an advocate for equity, fairness, and justice. Carol Wall was a trailblazer and pioneer in labour education with a focus on promoting human rights and fighting racism.

Download the 11×17 printable poster

Download the 8.5×11 printable poster

Take Action

Take action in your union, workplace and community by sponsoring or registering for any of the many leadership and educational opportunities that are being offered on the OFL or CBTU websites at OFL.ca or CBTU.ca.  This month and throughout the year sign up for workshops on environmental racism, leadership development, anti-racism, inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility, critical race theory and more.

Contact your MP, MPP, and school trustee to demand that they lobby to/support bills that:

  • Make quality post-secondary education accessible to all regardless of income by making it part of our public education system
  • Call for a move away from loans and significantly increase access to Canada Student Grants
  • Permanently remove interest on all federal student loans
  • Work towards a future where tuition is free
  • Support international students facing rising costs and housing shortages

    Look forward upcoming trainings and action tools.

This Motion brings the demands of the Enough is Enough campaign as the OFL and the CBTU call for:

  1. Real wage increases
  2. Keeping schools and health care public
  3. Affordable groceries, gas, and basic goods
  4. Rent control and affordable housing
  5. Make the banks and corporations pay

Learn more about the Enough is Enough campaign here.

This Black History Month, and every month – we must all commit to continuing our work toward educating ourselves on African and Black liberation, organizing for social justice, and seek equality for all.