Harper’s Record on Income, Inequality and Canada’s Social Safety Net | The Ontario Federation of Labour

Harper’s Record on Income, Inequality and Canada’s Social Safety Net

With October 19th Election only days away, the Ontario Common Front and the Ontario Federation of Labour has put together a fact sheet, entitled “Ruthless: The Harper Record on Income, Inequality and Canada’s Social Safety Net.” This informative document reminds voters about the Harper cuts to Old Age Security, Health Care, Arts and Culture, Women’s Advocacy, Pay Equity, Humanitarian Groups and First Nations/Aboriginal Programs.

The fact sheet also comments on Harper’s track record when it comes to the Environment, Human Rights and Federal workers. Sharing this fact sheet is one way we can counteract the blizzard of conservative paid ads over the next several days, while reminding people of the real pain the Harper agenda has inflicted.

The Big Shift

Massive Tax Cuts for Wealthy & Corporations Paid for by Major Cuts to Social Programs that Improve Living Standards for All Canadians

More than any federal government in Canada’s history, the Harper government has systematically emptied the public treasury and cut social programs. Harper’s tax cuts mainly benefit the wealthy and corporations. For example, from the middle class to the poorest, the bottom 60% of Canadian income earners will only see $50 a year on average from Harper’s income splitting scheme. The wealthiest will get up to $2,000. After giving away billions this way, the government then claims it can no longer afford social programs that benefit all Canadians and improve equality. For most, our tax cuts will be more than wiped out by cuts to services we need and use.

Click here to read and download the full fact sheet.