Statement: Free press is under attack | The Ontario Federation of Labour

Statement: Free press is under attack

Women journalists in Canada are reporting a marked increase in assaults on free speech and freedom of the press.  There is an appalling increase in hate speech, threats of physical assault, rape and even death, using a coordinated online campaign through email and social media. The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) denounces this rise of hate aimed at women reporters.

These personal attacks have nothing to do with the subjects on which these workers are reporting; it is merely that they dare to be women reporting and speaking the truth. Importantly, whenever there is a rise in misogyny, Indigenous and racialized women are disproportionately impacted and face even greater risks. 

The OFL denounces the racist, misogynist behaviour these workers are facing, and supports the call for an immediate investigation into this rise of hate. Every worker deserves safety and security.