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Moose Hide Campaign: Take Action – Fast – Walk – Wear & Share

The OFL encourages all of the men in our affiliates to support the Moose Hide Campaign by joining the men at the OFL FNMI Circle and the men in the OFL office in wearing the moose hide pin on May 16.  

“This campaign is an Indigenous-led grassroots movement of men and boys – and all Canadians – who are uniting to say no to violence towards women and children.  Wearing this moose hide signifies your commitment to honour, respect, and protect women and children in your life, and to work together to end violence against women and children, and all those along the gender continuum.”

Take Action

We are committed to ending this violence. On April 10, 2024, the NDP private member’s Bill to declare intimate partner violence an epidemic passed second reading at the legislature.  But this is only a first step.

You can take action to demand that the Ford government immediately implement the inquest’s top five of the 86 recommendations from the coroner’s inquest on gender-based violence.

Violence against women and children remains an unacceptable reality. Half of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16. More than 6,000 women and children are housed in emergency shelters each night across Canada, seeking refuge from abuse. But violence is preventable. 

Men and boys also need to take action to end violence and develop a culture of healthy masculinity.

Please help spread the campaign by sharing with your family, communities, and networks.


Please see the Moose Hide Campaign website for more information on fasting: Campaign Day | Moose Hide Campaign


Check the website for walking events near you or start your own.

Campaign Day | Moose Hide Campaign

 Wear & Share

Wear your moose hide pin.  Post a photo of yourself on social media and share why you are wearing it.


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