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For All of Us

Act Now: Demand Party Leaders Put Workers First

Workers kept Ontario moving through the pandemic. It’s time for a government that has our backs.

“We’re in it for working people.” 

Premier after premier has used these empty words to secure our votes. 

And how have they repaid us? 

By slashing funding to education and healthcare so that families can’t get the support they need, denying workers paid sick days, and allowing housing prices to skyrocket. 

Instead of making good on their words, government inaction has made it harder and harder to make ends meet. 

Enough is enough. 

Join the Ontario Federation of Labour as we call on all party leaders to do better for Ontario. All people deserve equitable and safe working and living conditions. 

Together we can elect candidates that are truly in it for all of us. Join us in demanding:

  1. A Just Recovery For Everyone
    10 permanent paid sick days; a fully funded and well-staffed public health care system; universal child care; and supports to make life affordable and help our communities to recover from the pandemic.
  2. Healthy and Safe Workplaces
    Proper COVID protections at work; universal WSIB coverage; meaningful support for injured workers; and real enforcement of health and safety measures.
  3. Equity, Racial Justice and Real Reconciliation
    Respect and dignity for all communities; an end to all forms of oppression; and meaningful support for Indigenous sovereignty.
  4. Justice For Workers
    A $20 minimum wage; full rights and protections for all workers, including gig workers and migrant workers; equal pay for part-time, contract, and temp agency workers; protection from wrongful or unfair dismissal; and easier access to a union.
  5. Strong Public Services
    Increased funding for health care, an end to for-profit long-term care, increased investment in public long-term care, mental health, education, child care, social services, and legal services; higher rates for ODSP and Ontario Works; and real supports for people with disabilities.
  6. Climate Justice
    Clean air and water in every community, including Indigenous communities; access to food, nature, and a sustainable environment; a just transition to decent low-carbon jobs for all; and an end to environmental racism.

Write party leaders today and demand they prioritize a workers-first agenda.

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