Defend workers’ right to strike. End scab labour. | The Ontario Federation of Labour

Defend workers’ right to strike. End scab labour.

The right to strike is a Charter-protected right in Canada. It allows workers to withdraw their labour as they fight for decent wages and better working conditions.

But this right is undermined when employers use “scabs” or replacement workers to replace workers when they strike.

Scab labour prolongs strikes and lockouts, causes harm to workers fighting for their rights, and weakens workers’ right to free and fair collective bargaining.

On November 23, Jamie West, Official Opposition NDP Critic for Labour, introduced “Bill 90: An Act to amend the Labour Relations Act, 1995 with respect to replacement workers.” The bill aims to ban the use of scab labour in Ontario and protect workers’ right to strike.

Send an email to Doug Ford, his Labour Minister David Piccini, and your own MPP, and tell them to support Bill 90. “Working for workers” means protecting the right to strike, not making it easier for employers to erode it.