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Full & Equal Rights for Gig Workers!

Doug Ford’s government has introduced legislation that would enable digital platforms to pay minimum wage for “each work assignment” – only part of the working day – the opposite of a minimum!

At the same time, instead of bringing misclassified workers into the statutory benefits they’re entitled to, Labour Minister Monte McNaughton has struck a task force to create and pilot a “portable benefits” scheme.

These and other measures from the Ontario Workforce Recovery Advisory Committee will exclude gig workers from basic ESA employment standards, and attract cost-cutting employers to “gig-ify” the entire economy.

Help fight back. Stand up for decent work for every single one of us.

Here’s a sample script:

  • Hi, my name is ________. I’m calling about the new legislation that will enable employers to pay minimum wage for only part of the working day. This is the opposite of a minimum.
  • The bill would have Gig Workers paid minimum wage for only “engaged time” or the part of their working time that their employer designates as “on assignment.”
  • This will create downward pressure that empowers bad bosses to pick and choose from basic employment standards, and pay much less than minimum wage to more workers.
  • Your previous announcement on portable benefits is also a two-tier system.
  • Excluding gig workers from the basic rights in our Employment Standards Act will not fly. I urge you to drop the bill and the portable benefits task force: we say NO to a second-tier minimum wage, and NO to second-tier benefits. We will remember this action when we go to the polls in June.