Ontario is in Crisis. Tell Ford to Act. | The Ontario Federation of Labour

Ontario is in Crisis. Tell Ford to Act.

COVID cases are at an all-time high in Ontario—ravaging workplaces and threatening the health and wellbeing of workers across the province. But Doug Ford continues to ignore the crisis rather than protect Ontarians.

After two years of the pandemic, Ford’s Conservatives have learned nothing about how to deal with the threat of COVID. Their willful incompetence has left health care workers burnt out, hospitals on the brink of collapse, schools in chaos, and countless workers without the ability to take adequate time off to recover from the virus. 

Half measures, a patchwork of money-making moves for their friends, and countless empty words aren’t going to get us through this crisis. It’s well past time that Doug Ford does what’s needed to protect Ontarians and get our province back on track. 

It’s not too late to beat this. That’s why we need your help to demand Ford’s Conservatives immediately: 

  • Recall the legislature for an emergency session
  • Repeal Bills 124 & 195
  • Legislate 10 permanent employer-paid sick days plus 14 additional days during a pandemic
  • Convene an emergency healthcare stakeholder summit
  • Equip hospitals, education, and childcare settings with airborne precautions
  • Launch a government-led emergency public health campaign

We can’t afford to wait. Our lives, our health, and the survival of our health care system are at stake.