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December 8, 2017

Through 2017, the tireless work of labour and community activists across Ontario made changes to Bill 148. That work means that the Labour Relations Act now:

  1. Allows workplaces with the same employer and same union at one or more locations to bargain together in cases where the employer and union agree;
  2. Allows newly certified workplaces to combine with other existing unionized workplaces with the same employer and same union;
  3. Removes language that denied workers continued representation by their own union and undermined their right to choose their own bargaining agent;
  4. Provides early access to workplace information (i.e., employee names, phone numbers, and personal email addresses and in some cases, job title and business address) — provided the union has 20 per cent membership support;
  5. Extends card-based certification to three additional sectors (i.e., temporary help agency industry, building services sector, and home care and community services industry);
  6. Allows workers to vote to join a union outside the workplace, including electronically and by telephone;
  7. Provides automatic access to first collective agreements in cases where employers contravene the Labour Relations Act;
  8. Removes rigorous requirements to consider whether a second vote is likely to reflect workers’ true wishes and whether a union has adequate membership support in cases where employers contravene the Labour Relations Act;
  9. Provides unionized workers with greater just cause protection from employers who seek to “clean house” following a union organizing campaign and a strike/lockout;
  10. Protects the right of employees to return to work, following a lawful strike or lockout;
  11. Extends protections against contract flipping to workers in the building services industry (e.g., security, food services, and cleaning) with the possibility of extending such protections to publicly-funded services; and,
  12. Ensures that all new protections under the Labour Relations Act come into effect as of January 1, 2018.

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