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December 8, 2019

The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) stands in opposition to the ongoing coup d’état in Bolivia that seized power from the democratically elected president Evo Morales. The OFL denounces any and all efforts by the Canadian government to legitimize Bolivia’s right-wing interim government. 

The OFL will not waver in its support for the people of Bolivia who are fighting for the return of democracy to their country, facing human rights abuses and violence from the unelected right-wing government.

“We stand shoulder to sh­­oulder in international solidarity with the Bolivian labour movement, and demand that Canada withdraw its support of the interim government,” said Ontario Federation of Labour president Patty Coates. “The OFL supports the people of Bolivia in their continuing struggle to restore their democratically elected government, and the safe return of Evo Morales.”

Workers understand the value of democracy and solidarity. It is through democracy and solidarity that we have won and protected the rights of workers. It is through democracy and solidarity that we have made gains for every worker whether they are in a union or not. It is through democracy and solidarity worldwide that we have won the recognition of workers as a political force, a unified power of many that can transform society.

“The OFL calls on the Canadian Labour Congress to speak out independently, and in international solidarity against this coup, and support the efforts of labour activists in Bolivia, who continue to resist and demand democracy,” said Coates.

The Ontario Federation of Labour represents 54 unions and one million workers in Ontario. For information, visit and follow @OFLabour on Facebook and Twitter.

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