Statement in support of PSAC members fighting the cost-of-living crisis

The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) offers its full support to the 155,000 members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) who went on strike today and is calling on Ontario unions and workers to show their solidarity.

“These workers are fighting the cost-of-living crisis,” said Patty Coates, OFL President. “Like all workers, they deserve real wage increases.”

The union’s key demands include wages that keep up with inflation, improved job security, remote work protections, anti-oppression training in the workplace, and protections against contracting out and privatization.

Workers can show support for PSAC strikers by joining picket lines and by posting solidarity messages on social media.

“Workers everywhere are fed up, and they’re saying, ‘enough is enough!’” said Coates. “Wherever they’re fighting back for a better life for themselves and for their communities, we’ve got their backs.”

Better wages and job security for PSAC members means better services for the public, which relies on the tens of thousands of workers who provide a wide range of services at the Treasury Board and the Canada Revenue Agency.

“Good working conditions help ensure that we all get the services and support we need, whenever we need it, and wherever we live in Canada,” added Coates. “This strike is a fight for all of us: for the right to decent work and well-funded public services.”

The OFL encourages its affiliates to issue their own statements of support and invites the wider public to rally behind PSAC members: 

  • Learn more about the issues by reading this FAQ.
  • Visit a picket line in your community. Use this picket line locator to find a picket line near you.
  • Take a solidarity selfie with this placard and post it online. Use these hashtags: #EnoughIsEnoughON and #canlab

Together, a united movement of workers can win a better life for everyone. The OFL applauds the courage of PSAC members for taking a lead in this important fight.

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