OFL adopts Power of Many vision and action plan for an Ontario for all | The Ontario Federation of Labour

OFL adopts Power of Many vision and action plan for an Ontario for all

The OFL’s Director of Research, Thevaki Thevaratnam presented the organization’s Power of Many vision document and action plan on Monday. Friday, the document was passed, providing a clear direction for the OFL in coming years.

The OFL will spur a people-led movement for social, economic and environmental justice for all and make Ontario a better place to live and work, regardless of employment status.

“Everyone must have access to high-quality public services regardless of their age, where they live and how much they earn,” said Thevaratnam when she presented the vision and action plan documents on Monday.

The two documents formed the basis of several resolutions debated and voted on during the week. 

In discussing the Vision and Action documents, delegates emphasized that Doug Ford is a clear and present danger to Ontario. He remains the key adversary to decent work for all, the provinces cherished public services, justice and all working families and their communities.

“The vision document is meant to raise expectations for what is possible. That has always been part of our work,” she said. “Our fight extends beyond the electoral cycle. Our fight is rooted in working class struggles that are sweeping the globe.”

The focus of the Power of Many vision is to ensure decent work, public services, justice and healthy and safe workplaces for all. There is also a call to ensure that everyone is treated fairly, regardless of race, colour, religion, citizenship, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

The OFL is hopeful that over the next three years the Power of Many action plan will bring together coalitions of progressive minds across the province and help to deliver an NDP government in Ontario in 2021.  

The goal is also to develop leaders for the movement, with a specific focus on young people.

Thevaratnam ended Monday’s presentation with a quote from Angela Davis: You have to act as though it is possible to radically transform the world. 

Download the OFL Action Plan for Mass Mobilization
Download the Power of Many Vision Document