Stand up for public education.

Email Your MPP: stop Doug Ford’s attack on education.

Doug Ford’s Bill 98 is a direct attack on education workers and students. The bill increases the Ford government’s control over education, reforms how local school boards are governed, and grants Ford the power to sell off Ontario’s public schools. 

Public education provides the social, emotional and academic supports that are critical for student success. The experience and knowledge of Ontario’s frontline education workers is being ignored. Instead of working with them, the Ford government wants to force their own ideological agenda—and sell off our schools to corporations. Bill 98 includes even more hidden regulatory powers that will favour wealthy property developers instead of our communities. 

Enough is enough. It’s time to step up for our schools. Our children’s futures—and the future of our province—depends on it.

Email Your MPP and tell them: stop Doug Ford’s attack on public education.