Phone your MPP and tell them to stand up for public education.

Tell them to fight back against Doug Ford’s attacks on education.

Doug Ford’s Bill 98 is a direct attack on educators and students. Its sole purpose is to gut and sell off Ontario’s public schools. 

We have incredibly strong public education in Ontario. But Ford is forcing his own ideological agenda and selling off our schools to corporations.

What can we do about it? We can make sure our MPPs fight back. Call your MPP right now and tell them Enough is Enough—they must step up for our schools and our children’s futures.

Call your MPP and ask them to fight back against Doug Ford’s attacks on public education. 

Here are talking points to use for your call:

  • The Ford government’s Bill 98 is an attack on Ontario’s public schools.
  • It aims to ram through the Ford government’s ideological agenda – and sell off our schools to their corporate pals.
  • The Ford government should be working with Ontario’s educators who provide students with high-quality education.
  • An attack on our schools is an attack on those who work in them, families and our children – Ontario’s future workforce.
  • We’re urging this government to stop Bill 98.