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Owens Corning

Start of Dispute:


Company wants a one year roll over and not to engage in full bargaining. Workers want to bargain a 3-year contract with increases in wages, benefits and working conditions. Previous 2 contracts have been claw backs. Company wants to increase wage for new hires because it is so low people do not apply. However, they are creating a tiered wage grouping which is $5 lower than the top wage and there is no formula to get to the top wage.

Show your support by joining one of four picket lines at Owens Corning 247 York Road, Guelph, ON N1E 3G4.

  • at the Shipping Receiving area
  • at the parking lot up the street
  • outside the main entrance
  • along the railway tracks where railway cars bring raw material in and trucks exit

For more information email:

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