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Port Arthur Health Centre

Start of Dispute:

End of Dispute:


About 65 employees, including those who work as appointment secretaries, medical aides and in medical records, walked off the job on April 9. The union has said key issues include precarious work contracts and low wages.

All locals and members are encouraged to send a financial donation to assist the striking workers and keep the strike line strong. Your contributions can be made via cheque, payable to ‘Unifor Local 229’. Grocery gift cards for Metro and gas cards are also appreciated.

Please send donations to:
Angie Martz, Financial Secretary, Unifor Local 229
106 North Cumberland St., Suite 101
Thunder Bay, ON P7A 4M2

Download the Strike Appeal for Port Arthur Health Centre here.

Unifor Local 229 Press Release: 

May 22, 2018
THUNDER BAY – Nearing seven weeks of workers on strike, the Port Arthur Health Centre employer has refused to meet with a senior mediator from the Ontario Labour Relations Board and Unifor.

Striking workers, members of Unifor Local 229, received word late last week that the employer declined to meet and negotiate with the union, frustrating efforts to reach an agreement that would put an end to the strike.

“The mediator reached out to us a few weeks ago to offer their services and see if the union would be willing to meet with the employer, which we are” said Andy Savela, Director of Health Care at Unifor. Expressing disappointment, Savela added “We obviously cannot get this resolved if we refuse to communicate with each other. The employer’s refusal to meet can only mean there is no end in sight to the strike.”

In an email communication copied to the union, the Centre’s manager, John Marrello responded to a meeting invite and said, “The board (i.e. doctors) have declined mediation and future negotiations at this time”. In response to this, the union will ramp up its efforts to bring the employer back to the table.

Kari Jefford, President of Unifor Local 229 stated, “The workers’ spirits are high and they are committed to continue the strike until a fair offer is received from the employer. We will continue our strong presence on the strike line and we will continue to engage patients of the clinic who have already been tremendously supportive.”

For more information, please contact Asma Farooq, Unifor National Communications Representative at or 647-327-9371.

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