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Service Employees International Union (SEIU)



Wine Rack Stores (Toronto)

Start of Dispute:


Wine Rack was declared an essential business during COVID and allowed to continue to operate significantly contributing to their sales/profits during the pandemic.

Employer has been aggressively taking a hardline, anti-union stance in bargaining thus forcing a strike upon this unionized workforce and is now actively encouraging these predominantly young, part-time, minimum-wage members to cross the line and scab their own strike.

We are fighting for decent wages, scheduling fairness (recognition of seniority rights), hours-of-work/job protection against management doing b/u work and using same to wipe out unionized workers.

Show solidarity: 

Please boycott all Wine Rack products and instead take your wine purchases/business to LCBO.

Wine Rack is owned by Arterra Wines Ltd which is wholly owned and operated by the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan. Please contact/lobby the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan and demand this Employer treat these low-wage, part-time worker with the same dignity, respect and Collective Agreement rights and entitlements that their Employer also enjoys as fellow unionized workers (the Ontario Teacher Federation members).

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