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SEIU Healthcare at Kerry’s Place

Lockout since November 20, 2022

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Kerry’s Place Autism Services is Canada’s largest service provider to adults, children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). At Kerry’s Place, workers provide a wide range of social, recreational, educational, and behavioural services. They have dedicated their profession to caring for and supporting clients and their families.

Kerry’s Place will not provide their workers with a fair contract.

Workers want a fair wage increase that reflects the rising cost of living and is competitive with other agencies providing the same services. They need sick days and better mental health support, including mental health days, to help deal with the impacts and challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and verbal and racial abuse that Kerry’s Place chooses to ignore.

Support these workers by joining a picket line and sending a letter to Kerry’s Place Autism Services President and CEO, Vice President and Chair of the Board of Directors.

Our Picket Lines Kerry’s Place Regional Office, 222 Lesmill Road , Toronto