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Public Service Alliance of Canada Local 00057

Public Service Alliance of Canada Local 00057


Great Lakes Pilotage Authority

Start of Dispute:

End of Dispute:


This round of bargaining has been extremely difficult. In an attempt to reach a fair contract, we have undergone conciliation and have since been negotiating with the assistance of a mediator, with the last contract expiring on June 30, 2016.
These workers are vital to the waterway and its operation as a key shipping lane. We are very close to achieving a fair deal and could resolve the situation quickly if the employer addresses the few outstanding issues around pay and leave.

Workers need better pay and leave provisions

How can you support these striking workers?

Join the picket line at the Great Lakes Pilotage Authority headquarters in Cornwall 202 Pitt St, Cornwall, ON K6H 5R9

Contact person:

Christopher Wilson
(416) 986-9341

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