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OPSEU/SEFPO – Local 546 – TSSA at Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA)

On Strike since July 21, 2022

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The safety inspectors working at the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) have been bargaining since November 2021 for their first collective agreement. They unionized in 2021 to remedy a host of inequitable practices in their workplace (understaffing, high workloads, wages below industry standard, and more).

Safety Inspectors at the TSSA inspect everything from amusement park rides, food trucks and elevators, to fuel burning equipment, propane dispensing stations, boilers and pressure vessels and elements in nuclear power plants. They are experts in their field who care strongly about public safety; the work they do is critical to the safety of Ontarians.

It’s been eight months since bargaining began, with little progress in reaching a fair collective agreement with their employer. This led to the membership voting 89% in favour of a strike mandate.

What these workers are asking for is reasonable. They want improved accountability for public safety standards and practices from the TSSA. They want wages and benefits that are consistent with industry standards, to help address understaffing issues and improve retention and recruitment. They want to have a stronger voice in their workplace as an equal partner at the TSSA.

TSSA safety inspectors are valuable in maintaining a high standard of public safety and they deserve to be treated with respect by their employer.

Strike website: strikeforsafety.com