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CUPE’s Ontario School Board Council of Unions (OSBCU)

CUPE’s Ontario School Board Council of Unions (OSBCU)


Government of Ontario and the Council of Trustees' Associations

Start of Dispute:

End of Dispute:


September 30, 2019, 55,000 members of CUPE in Ontario, working in schools and board offices across the province began legal job action to secure public education services.

CUPE education workers play many vital roles in our children’s schools. They are educational assistants, office administrators, custodians, tradespeople, instructors, library technicians, early childhood educators, IT specialists, speech pathologists, and others who support children’s education.

Along with all other education unions, they have been on the front line fighting the Ford Conservatives’ cuts to education which have resulted in lost services for students and lost jobs in our communities.

CUPE education workers’ job action begins with work-to-rule and they are prepared to escalate if the Ford Conservatives refuse to negotiate a fair collective agreement that protects the services students need and jobs in our communities.

Take action in solidarity with these workers:

Send solidarity messages and support to CUPE education workers taking a job action today, and in the days to come.

  1. Take action! Show opposition to those cuts as well as your solidarity with education workers.
    1. Join students, parents, and education workers organizing walk-ins, at school across Ontario on the morning of October 10. More information is available about planned walk-ins here, along with a tool-kit to organize a walk-in at your local school.
    2. Send a message to the Premier and Education Minister to say you support CUPE education workers and their job action against the cuts by clicking here.
  2. Post on social media, wear purple on Wednesdays to show support for the #powerofpubliceducation, or just express solidarity, in person, to your child’s education workers at school.
  3. To hear directly from CUPE education workers why they are taking job action, click here.

The CUPE education workers taking a job action are not only union members – they are also parents, students, and community members who have seen the devastating impact of the Ford Conservatives’ cuts to education. From crowded classrooms to cancelled courses and layoffs of education workers of all kinds, our communities are feeling the impact of education cuts.

Show support and solidarity to these members as they take a stand for quality public education. Their fight is our fight. Let’s show CUPE education workers they have the Power of Many on their side.

You can read the OFL solidarity statement here.

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