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CUPE Local 53 Municipal Workers

On Strike since October 14, 2023

Show your solidarity by joining the picket line

Approximately 300 municipal workers for the town of Whitby, Ontario have been on strike since Saturday, October 14, over scheduling and hours, says CUPE 53.

Some key issues workers are facing are scheduling, temporary employees, and job postings. The employer is proposing that all negotiated hours of work are gone in certain situations, wreaking havoc on workers’ schedules and work-life balance. The employer wants to shift towards relying on temporary workers more rather than ensuring a path to permanent work; and that they want to prevent current workers from being prioritized when there’s a job posting.

CUPE local 53 is now appealing to Town of Whitby councillors and the mayor directly to support them because they give the employer their mandate and are the ones to sign off on the employer’s final proposal.

Town of Whitby needs to be made aware that this is a bad deal and that workers deserve better because they keep the Town of Whitby running.

CUPE 53 is encouraging members and the residents of Whitby to send a message to the Town of Whitby here.

Join the picket line:

📍575 Rossland Rd. E, Whitby ON.