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Where’s the Fairness?

Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1320 is sounding the alarm and warning transit riders and the public at large that a transit strike in Peterborough is quickly becoming inevitable.

ATU Local 1320 received the “NO BOARD” report from the Ministry of Labour on November 1st, 2023.

The countdown starts NOW!

On November 18th, either the employer can lock workers out or they can legally strike. Our frontline transit workers deserve to earn a living wage that keeps pace with inflation. The ATU will provide a minimum 3 days advance notice to the public before going on strike.

If the Employer’s new mandate set by Peterborough City Council is ready and the city wants to table a serious offer that is reflective of the environment ATU Local 1320 members and their families are facing with record inflation, they are available to meet.

ATU Local 1320 is calling for Peterborough City Council to step up and acknowledge the valuable service that transit workers provide to the city – and instruct the Employer to table an offer that both sides can agree to – and continue to build Peterborough Transit back into the successful system it once was.

Good jobs and working conditions = good transit services for everyone!

Send an email to Peterborough City Council to get back to the table and give our frontline ATU Local 1320 members a serious offer! Just fill out the form, customize your message, and hit ‘ADD YOUR VOICE’. Your email will be automatically sent to Mayor Jeff Leal and each member of City Council.