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Tell McNaughton: Reject the KPMG recommendations!

Give workers a chance for rightful compensation.

Injured workers are under threat, again. The WSIB hired a billion-dollar consulting company – KPMG – to audit the compensation system’s dispute resolution and appeals process (i.e. when a worker or their representative does not agree with the WSIB’s decision).

The private audit’s result is a report with recommendations which, if legislated by the Ford government, would make it even harder for injured and ill workers to access compensation, and turn their representatives into time-limit machines, unable to seek justice for injured workers.

Here are just three examples of how it could impact workers and their representatives:

  • Introduces three time limits for injured workers within a 90 day period
  • Cuts the time limit from six months to one month to object to a WSIB decision
  • Reduces the amount of time for injured and ill workers to secure legal representation.

Send an email to Ford’s Minister of Labour, Monte McNaughton, to tell him that if he wants to improve the compensation system, to consult with the injured and ill worker community – not the out of touch and harmful KPMG recommendations. It is hard enough as it is for workers to seek justice after being harmed at work.

Send an email now!