Call the Premier and Speak up for Ontario | The Ontario Federation of Labour
Premier Doug Ford with his hand on his forehead

Call the Premier and Speak up for Ontario

We can’t stand idly by while Doug Ford’s failure to act appropriately on responding to COVID-19 costs our province lives and livelihoods. The people of Ontario deserve better. 

Call the Premier and demand an adequate COVID response. We’ve drafted a list of talking points for you. All you have to do is hit CALL to be connected to the Premiers office.

Call Premier Ford and speak up for Ontario.

Key Talking Points:

  • Long-term care home outbreaks of COVID-19 have infected thousands, resulting in more than 3,600 deaths. 
  • Front-line workers are not receiving the pandemic pay they were promised, and not all front-line workers are even eligible.
  • No one in Ontario has legislated paid sick days yet. 
  • Workers do not have a permanent and livable minimum wage. 
  • Doug Ford continues to undermine the collective agreements of Ontario workers.
  • Front-line workers still face a shortage of PPE, when that equipment could easily be manufactured in Ontario.

Our Demands:

  • Fix the crisis in long-term care
  • Prioritize workers’ health and safety
  • Implement the promised pandemic premium pay, expand its eligibility, and make it permanent
  • Introduce a livable minimum wage immediately with no exceptions
  • Provide permanent paid sick days, plus paid days during an outbreak
  • Respect collective agreements and listen to workers