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OFL Executive Committee:

  • Patty Coates, OFL Officer
  • Ahmad Gaied, OFL Officer
  • Janice Folk-Dawson, OFL Officer
  • Tiffany Balducci, (Labour Councils)
  • Tim Deelstra, (UFCW)
  • Gord Falconer, (IAMAW)
  • Elizabeth Ha,  (OPSEU) (Workers of Colour)
  • Fred Hahn, (CUPE)
  • Jeff Irons, (IBEW)
  • Sara Labelle, (OPSEU)
  • David Mastin, (ETFO)
  • Sean McFarling, (LIUNA)
  • Chris Petersen, (OSSTF) (Solidarity & Pride)
  • Craig Reynolds (PSAC)
  • Marty Warren, (USW)

OFL Executive Board:

  • Patty Coates, OFL Officer
  • Ahmad Gaied, OFL Officer
  • Janice Folk-Dawson, OFL Officer
  • Ticha Albino, Vice-President (IBEW)
  • Ronda Allan, Vice-President (COPE) (Smaller Affiliates)
  • V. Mina Amrith, Vice-President (SEIU)
  • Tiffany Balducci, Vice-President (Labour Councils)
  • Chris Borgia, Vice-President (IBEW) (Young Workers)
  • Rechev Browne, Vice-President (UFCW) (Workers of Colour)
  • Anita Bryan, Vice-President (USW)
  • Patti Dalton, Vice-President (Labour Councils)
  • Tim Deelstra, Vice-President (UFCW)
  • Barb Dobrowolski, Vice-President (OECTA)
  • Glacier Effs-Samuel, Vice-President (UFCW)
  • Gord Falconer, Vice-President (IAMAW)
  • Chantal Fortin, Vice-President (PSAC)
  • Elizabeth Ha, Vice-President (OPSEU) (Workers of Colour)
  • Fred Hahn, Vice-President (CUPE)
  • Janet Heyman, Vice-President (OPSEU) (Persons with a Disability)
  • Martha Hradowy, Vice-President (OSSTF)
  • Jeff Irons, Vice-President (IBEW)
  • Michelle Johnston, Vice-President (The Society)
  • Sara Labelle, Vice-President (OPSEU)
  • Victoria Mancinelli, Vice-President (LIUNA)
  • Krista Maracle, Vice-President (OPSEU) (First Nations, Metis, Inuit Circle)
  • David Mastin, Vice-President (ETFO)
  • Yolanda McClean, Vice-President (CUPE)
  • Michele McCleave-Kennedy, Vice-President (Labour Councils)
  • Sean McFarling, Vice-President (LIUNA)
  • Chris Petersen, Vice-President (OSSTF) (Solidarity & Pride)
  • Craig Reynolds, Vice-President (PSAC)
  • Monica Rusnak, Vice-President (ETFO)
  • DJ Sanderson, Vice-President (ONA)
  • Smokey Thomas, Vice-President (OPSEU)
  • Marty Warren, Vice-President (USW)
  • Walter Woloschuk, Vice-President (CUPW)
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