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September 1, 2015

During past nine years of a Harper-led government, the Conservatives have proven that they will trample the rights of all who stand in their path. Environmentalists who opposed the tar sands, fracking and oil pipelines got a taste of this when Public Safety Minister Vic Toews listed them as “eco-extremists.” Union members have been reminded of this each time that Harper has stripped the right to strike from postal workers, airline industry workers, and shipping and rail workers. Now Harper is vilifying Canada’s Muslim community in a self-serving attempt to shift the pre-election debate from the economy to security, and from criticism to nationalism.

Undeterred by this type of intimidation, the Ontario Federation of Labour is working with the Canadian Labour Congress, regional labour councils, affiliates and community partners to defeat the Harper Conservatives and elect an NDP Government during the October 19 2015 federal election.

It is not surprising that the wave of support for Thomas Mulcair’s optimistic plan is growing across the country. For those who aspire to a better Canada, the NDP are clearly the better choice.

Support the campaign by following these easy steps:

  1. Share the campaign images below to spread the word on social media.
  2. Join an OFL Labour Canvass in one of the priority ridings near you.
  3. Volunteer for your local NDP candidate.
  4. Vote NDP on October 19, 2015.

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Feeling the squeeze of precarious work? There’s a better choice: VOTE NDP! #StopHarper #Elxn42 #TimeforChange #Ready4Change
Tired of waiting for health care? There’s a better choice: VOTE NDP! #StopHarper #Elxn42 #TimeforChange #Ready4Change
Anxious about retirement savings? There’s a better choice: vote NDP! #StopHarper #Elxn42 #TimeforChange #Ready4Change
Worried about child care costs? There is a better choice: VOTE NDP! #StopHarper #Elxn42 #TimeforChange #Ready4Change

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