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November 14, 2016

(Toronto, ON) – The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) welcomes the 2016 Ontario Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review, and expects that the implementation of a highly-skilled workforce strategy will play a role in stemming the growth of precarious employment. The OFL calls on the government to ensure that it continues the work for fairness that it has initiated through the Changing Workplaces Review and its report on the Gender Wage Gap.

“The government’s commitment to the development of its highly-skilled workforce strategy is one element of stopping the growth of precarious work,” said OFL President Chris Buckley. “The OFL recognises that precarious work occurs in all sectors. Contract and temporary work is common in low-wage jobs but also occurs in high-skill jobs. All Ontarians need to be treated fairly at work.”

An increased rebate for first-time homebuyers is a positive development for many, but without stable employment, few Ontarians will feel secure making the investment in a home.1.7 million Ontarians continue to face part-time, low-wage, temporary or contract work. The OFL urges the Ontario Government to use the Changing Workplaces Review to ensure that all workers are protected at work so that every job is a pathway out of poverty.

A lack of childcare is proven to prevent women from reaching their full potential in the workplace. The OFL applauds the announcement of 3400 new childcare spaces, and reiterates its call that any services developed under this new mandate must be publicly funded and delivered in order to guarantee higher quality and more accessibility for parents, as well as unionization for childcare employees.

The OFL also continues to urge the government to immediately halt the sale of Hydro One, ensuring that Ontarians maintain ownership of the public services that generations of Ontarians have worked to pay for.

The OFL represents 54 unions and one million workers in Ontario. For information, visit www.OFL.caand follow @OFLabour on Facebook and Twitter.


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