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May 1, 2017

On International Workers’ Day, the Ontario Federation of Labour reaffirms its commitment to fighting for the rights of all workers.

For more than a century International Workers’ Day has celebrated the achievements of the labour movement including the establishment of labour standards, and occupational health and safety standards. Commemorating the hard-fought victories is important, but there are still changes necessary to ensure that workers face fair standards in workplaces around the world.

Right now, the Ontario government is reviewing its labour and employment laws through the Changing Workplaces Review. Last week, the OFL and its community partners Fight for $15 and Fairness held a press conference calling on the government to move quickly to make changes to employment and labour laws that Ontario workers desperately need.

Ontario workers continue to stand together and demand that our laws set fair standards across the province for both unionized and non-union workers.

“Our employment laws have not been updated for over 20 years. It is Ontario workers who are bearing the brunt of outdated laws,” said OFL President Chris Buckley. “The growth of precarious work is making it more and more difficult to make a living. Our laws must be updated without delay.”

So on May 1,  the Ontario Federation of Labour stands with workers around the globe in common purpose and solidarity.  While we may come from different nations, our need for fairness in the workplace brings us together in a global movement.

Happy International Workers’ Day.


The OFL represents 54 unions and one million workers in Ontario. For information, visit and follow @OFLabour on Facebook and Twitter.

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