OFL/AIL Labour Post-Secondary Scholarships


For 2017 AIL/OFL Jack Layton Labour Post-Secondary Scholarship click here.

Apply Today for the 2016 Scholarships!

The OFL is proud to be joined in partnership by American Income Life (AIL) Canada in calling for applications for the annual OFL/AIL Labour Post-Secondary Scholarships.

Two OFL members, or the children of members, will be selected from a pool of applicants to each receive a scholarship in the amount of $2,500 to support them as they enter their first year of full-time post-secondary study in September 2016. The scholarships will be awarded in honour of distinguished trade union activists who have made a significant contribution to the life and growth of the labour movement in Ontario.

Eligible candidates must:

  • Be a current member, or the child of a member, of a local union affiliated to the OFL;
  • Be enrolled for September 2016 to enter their first year of full-time study (leading to a diploma or certificate) at a public Ontario community college or the first year of an undergraduate program (leading to a degree) at a publicly-funded Ontario university;
  • Not have any prior post-secondary studies; and
  • Be currently enrolled or not more than two years out of secondary school.

The criteria for selection of the scholarship winners will be based on:

  • An original essay, poster or video submission on the topic outlined in this year’s application package.
  • A brief résumé outlining non-academic interests and activities, such as community or political involvement as well as goals for the future.
  • Evidence of understanding of the role and significance of the Canadian labour movement.

The deadline for receipt of applications is July 10, 2016.

Click here to download the Application Form. This year’s scholarship winners will be announced in August 2016.

The OFL is committed to social justice and equity and believes strongly that post-secondary education provides important opportunities that should not be limited by tuition fees or student debt. We hope this scholarship helps make education more affordable while we fight to make access universal. We proudly encourage women, people of colour, Aboriginal people, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities and those from other equity-seeking backgrounds to apply for this scholarship.

The OFL represents more than one million unionized workers in Ontario from 50 affiliated unions and is proud to have the support of AIL Canada, a 100% union company that is a leader in providing supplemental insurance benefits. For more information on AIL Canada, visit: www.AILife.com.

Please circulate this call for applications to help ensure that these scholarships are made known as widely as possible.
In solidarity,

Chris Buckley
Ontario Federation of Labour

Congratulations to the 2015 Scholarship winners!

The OFL is proud to be joined in partnership by American Income Life (AIL) Canada in awarding the 2015 OFL/AIL Labour Post-Secondary Scholarships to two fantastic Ontario students.

Leizl Anne Pineda, from Hamilton, will be attending University of Ottawa in the International Management Program. Her mother is a Nurse and a member of Unifor Local 504.
Vanessa Severin, from Oakville, is starting at the University of Waterloo in the Honours Arts and Business Programs. She is the daughter of a Protection & Control Technologist who works for Hydro One and is a member of CUPE Local 1000. 

List of Past Scholarship Recipients and Labour Roll Honourees

Year Scholarship Recipients Labour Roll Honourees
2015 Leizl Anne Pineda (University of Ottawa) and Vanessa Severin (University of Waterloo) John Ball (Peterborough and District Labour Council); John Lewis (Durham Region Labour Council); Ken Lewenza (UNIFOR); James Moffat (Sheet Metal Workers); June Veecock (OFL)
2014 Prama Roy (Queens University) and Karlee Sobczak (McMaster University) Robert Barlow (PSAC/UTE); Kathie Fowlie (Unifor Local 222); Armando Colafranceschi (IUPAT District Council 46); Romeo Le Blanc (COPE 343); Beth Wheatley (OSSTF)
2013 Adam Kerr (University of Toronto) and Michelle Jones (Trent University) Brenda Carrigan (OECTA); Beverly McCloskey (CAW Local 222); James Nugent (IAMAW); Jack Ostroski Sr. (USW 2251); Logan Sellathurai (CUPE Local One)
2012 Julie Bolton (Brock University) and James Brass (Laurier University) Robert Chernecki (CAW); Kevin Corporon (UFCW Canada); Marnie Daly (OECTA); Bonnie McLaughlin (OSSTF); Gerry Gallagher (LIUNA Local 183)
2011 Names Julius Deutsch (Toronto & York Region Labour Council); Laura Moore (CUPE); Jim O’Neil (CAW); Orville Thacker (Waterloo Regional Labour Council); Rob West (SEIU)
2010 Names Elizabeth (Liz) Barkley (OSSTF); Hemi Mitic (CAW); Wayne Samuelson (OFL); Joseph (Ken) Thibeau (OPSEU); Brian Williamson (UFCW)
2009 Names Ethel Birkett-LaValley (OFL); Julie Davis (OFL); Sean O’Flynn (OFL); Ken Signoretti (OFL); Gord Wilson (OFL)
2008 Names Eleanor Ryan (PSAC); Bernie Dupuis (OECTA); Clarence Forde (USW); Dan Gilbert (UFCW); James Goodison (IAMAW)
2007 Names Robert (Bob) Beames (OSSTF); Janiss Davidson (ONA); Carol McGregor (OPSEU); Frank Mazur (TCU/USW); Nycole Turmel (PSAC)
2006 Names Allan Budway (Sheet Metal Workers); Selma Garten (CUPE); Tom Kukovica (UFCW); Michael Lewis (USW); Bonnie Robichaud (PSAC)
2005 Names Judy Darcy (CUPE); Susan Giampietri (PSAC); Neville Hamilton (IAM); John McEwen (Cornwall and District Labour Council); Ted Roscoe (SEIU)
2004 Names James J. Cowan (GCIU); Lois Hill (CUPE); Neil McMahon (ATU); Elmer McVey (USW); Fred Miron (IWA)
2003 Names Gilles Beauregard (OPEIU); Robert Belleville (SMWIA); Sam Connor (IAMAW); Olive Dennis (SEIU); John McNeil (OSSTF)
2002 Names Gord Armes (OPSEU); Joseph (Joe) Atkinson (IAM); Clifford Evans (UFCW); Don Holder (CEP); Harry Hynd (USWA)
2001 Names Tulio Mior (IWA Canada); Jeff McLeod (USWA); Fred Upshaw (OPSEU); Ruth Bergman (OPSEU); Jim Woodward (CUPE)
2000 Names Larry Bauer (CAW); Ann Newman (CEP); Roy Page (PSAC); Keith A. Morrison (IBEW); Ed Vance (USWA)
1999 Names Jim Ashton (CAW); Anthony F. Berg (SEIU); Muriel Collins (CUPE); Barbara Kerekes (PSAC/CEIU); Lynn Williams (USWA
1998 Names Al Hershkovitz (UFCW); Bud Jimmersfield (CAW); Robert McMuldroch (IAM); Chris Turcott (UA); Edward C. Witthames (GMP)
1997 Names Roxie Baker (CAW); John Fitzpatrick (USWA); Sam Fox (UNITE); Terry Meagher (OFL); Terry O’Connor (CUPE)
1996 Names Val Bourgeois (IAM); Kealey Cummings (CUPE); Louis Lenkinski (OFL); Glenn Pattinson (CEP); Alex Sharp (USWA)
1995 Names Dennis McDermott (CAW); Gerry Gallagher (LIUNA); Julius Hoebink (UFCW); Josephine Uhr (USWA); Jack White (CUPE)
1994 Names Shirley Carr (CUPE); Pat O’Keeffe (CUPE); Cliff Pilkey (CAW); Bill Punnett (URW); Vic Skurjat (ACTWU)
1993 Names Don Collins (RWDSU); Jim Connell (CAW); Joe Davidson (CUPW); Wilf Oliver (CEP); Ian Reilly (UFCW)
1992 Names Charles Brooks (CAW); Bob Carlin (USWA); Tom Edwards (CUPE); Beverley Haiste (OPEIU); Harry Simon (UFCW)
1991 Names Bill Corns (UFCW); Edith Johnston (CAW); Lorne McIntyre (IWA-Canada); David Pretty (ECWU); Mary Spratt (USWA)
1990 Names David Archer (ACTWU/TWUA); Ken Gerard (CAW); Doug Hamilton (UBCJOA); Willard E. Bill Hanley (UFCW); Ross Russell (UE)
1989 Names George Barlow (RWDSU); George Burt (CAW); Fred Jones (SONG); Peter Klym (CWC); Lucie Nicholson (CUPE)
1988 Names Tino Conetta (CAW); George Hutchens (IUE (CWC); C. S. Jackson (UE); Aileen Manion (PSAC); Marion Tobin (USWA)
1987 Names Charles Coburn “Doc Ames” (USWA); James Hogan (CAW); Charles “Bud” Clark (ACTWU); Kenneth J. Brown (GCIU); Hugh “Bucky” Buchanan (RWDSU)
1986 Names Corrie Barrett (OPSEU); Albert Hearn (SEIU); Gordon Lambert (CAW); Jack Lerette (URW); Iona Samis (UFCW)
1985 Names Carl Anderson (UAW); Fred Dowling (UFCW); Albert Miller (IUE/CWC); Henry Weisbach (Council of Union Retirees/OFL); James K. Wyllie (PSAC)
1984 Names Claude Dougdeen (USWA); Grace Hartman (CUPE); Moses McKay (UAW); Norman Paxton (CPU); Jim Perna (ABGW)




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