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Officers & Executive



Patrick (Sid) Ryan,
t: 416.441.2731 | c: 416.209.0066 | e: SRyan@ofl.ca
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Nancy Hutchison,
t: 416.443.7651 | c: 647.403.9799 | e: NHutchison@ofl.ca
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Irwin Nanda,
Executive Vice-President
t: 416.443.7650 | c: 416.450.9419 | e: INanda@ofl.ca
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Jenny Ahn, Affirmative Action Vice-President (Unifor)
Harvey Bischof, Vice-President (OSSTF)
Anita Bryan, Affirmative Action Vice-President (USW)
John Cartwright, Vice-President (Labour Councils)
Tony DePaulo, Vice-President (USW)
Sharon DeSousa, Affirmative Action Vice-President (PSAC)
Cindy Dubué, Affirmative Action Vice-President (OSSTF)
Katha Fortier – Vice-President (Unifor)
Jim Freeman, Vice-President (Labour Councils)
Pablo Godoy, Vice-President (Workers of Colour)
Nancy Guzzo, Affirmative Action Vice-President (LIUNA)
Fred Hahn, Vice-President (CUPE)
Ann Hawkins, Vice-President (OECTA)
Jeff Irons, Vice-President (IBEW)
Derek Johnstone, Vice-President (UFCW)
Heather Kelley, Vice-President (IAMAW)
Mike Mahar, Vice-President (ATU)
Cosmo Mannella, Vice-President (LIUNA)
Denise Martins, Vice-President (Young Workers)
Yolanda McClean, Affirmative Action Vice-President (CUPE)
James McCormack, Vice-President (ETFO)
Larry Rousseau, Vice-President (PSAC)
Sanjay Sapra, Vice-President (CUPW)
Pearl Sawyer, Affirmative Action Vice-President (UFCW)
Stephen Seaborn, Vice-President (Solidarity & Pride)
Irene Taylor, Vice-President (Workers of Colour)
Scott Travers, Vice-President (The Society)
Steve Wanless, Vice-President (Persons with a Disability)
Joanne Webb, Vice-President (Aboriginal Persons)
Maureen Weinberger, Affirmative Action Vice-President (ETFO)
Donna Wiebe, Vice-President (Labour Councils)


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