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OFL Executive Committee:

  • Chris Buckley, OFL Officer
  • Patty Coates, OFL Officer
  • Ahmad Gaied, OFL Officer
  • Jenny Ahn, Vice-President (Unifor)
  • Briana Broderick (Young Workers)
  • Sharon DeSousa (PSAC)
  • Cindy Dubué (OSSTF)
  • Janice Folk-Dawson (Labour Council)
  • Pablo Godoy (Workers of Colour)
  • Fred Hahn (CUPE)
  • Jeff Irons (IBEW)
  • Derek Johnstone (UFCW)
  • Heather Kelley (IAMAW)
  • Nancy Lawler (ETFO)
  • Marty Warren (USW)

OFL Executive Board:

  • Chris Buckley, OFL Officer
  • Patty Coates, OFL Officer
  • Ahmad Gaied, OFL Officer
  • Jenny Ahn, Vice-President, Affirmative Action (Unifor)
  • Briana Broderick (Young Workers)
  • Anita Bryan, Vice-President, Affirmative Action (USW)
  • John Cartwright, Vice-President (Labour Councils)
  • Manny Carvalho, Vice-President (SEIU)
  • Andy Cleary, Vice-President (ATU)
  • Sharon DeSousa, Vice-President, Affirmative Action (PSAC)
  • Cindy Dubué, Vice-President, Affirmative Action (OSSTF)
  • Janice Folk-Dawson, Vice-President (Labour Council)
  • Barry Fowlie, Vice-President (Workers United)
  • Rob Gascho, Vice-President (OSSTF)
  • Pablo Godoy, Vice-President (Workers of Colour)
  • Nancy Guzzo, Vice-President, Affirmative Action (LIUNA)
  • Fred Hahn, Vice-President (CUPE)
  • Jeff Irons, Vice-President (IBEW)
  • Derek Johnstone, Vice-President (UFCW)
  • Heather Kelley, Vice-President (IAMAW)
  • Sara Labelle, Vice-President, Affirmative Action (OPSEU)
  • Nancy Lawler, Vice-President (ETFO)
  • Greg McGillis, Vice-President (PSAC)
  • Jack Oliveira, Vice-President (LIUNA)
  • Chandra-Li Paul, Vice-President (Solidarity & Pride)
  • Candace Rennick, Vice-President, Affirmative Action (CUPE)
  • Naureen Rizvi, Vice-President (Unifor)
  • Monica Rusnak, Vice-President, Affirmative Action (ETFO)
  • Sanjay Sapra, Vice-President (CUPW)
  • Pearl Sawyer, Vice-President, Affirmative Action (UFCW)
  • Liz Stuart, Vice-President (OECTA)
  • Smokey Thomas, Vice-President (OPSEU)
  • Scott Travers, Vice-President (The Society)
  • Steve Wanless, Vice-President (Persons with a Disability)
  • Marty Warren, Vice-President (USW)
  • Megan Whitfield, Vice-President (Workers of Colour)
  • Donna Wiebe, Vice-President (Labour Councils)
  • Jim Yurkiw, Vice-President (Smaller Affiliates)
  • Vacant (Aboriginal Persons)